my alto vxl ags experience

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    Mohsin Irshad 7 months ago

    Hi everyone, I just got a new alto ags vxl for city drive, so want to share my experience with you guys. It costed a total of 14.4 lacs to me including registration fee, transfer from owner who have booked this car and taxes etc.

    new alto vxl ags backside picturealto vxl ags front side picturealto vxl ags interior driver side picturealto vxl ags back left side picturealto vxl ags interior rear right door picture


    It gives round 15 to 16km millage per litr within city. only in short distances the gear shift is jerky otherwise its a good economy car for city use

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    M Musa 7 months ago

    Jerk is fine, as they cannot install toyota's super ect or honda's technology in this economic sector car, you have to either compromise on this jerk or have to spent more but that's not a big problem, my cure automatic also was giving this jerk.

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    Keane Wolf 2 weeks ago

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