suzuki mehran rear wheel bearing problem

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    Junaid Alam 11 months ago

    Hi brothers, I have suzuki mehran vxr 2011, it was okay for about 6 months when I bought it. it was used though but after about 6 months I faced bearing noisy sound problem which was comming out from rear bearings. I have changed them about 4 times so far and now again the same issue I am facing too frequently. when I change it, it lasts for 2 weeks or a month and then starts that huge noise and the sound increase with speed as I cross 40 and at 60kph its like I am driving a tractor its too annoying. I have changed bearings several time, sometime installed japanese and sometime chinese and also changed the drum but still same issue. your kind help will be appreaciated, also is it okay to drive on that sounding bearings or its how much dangerous ? also what I should do for it. Is there any good solution ?


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    Ijaz malik 10 months ago

    Same issue I have faced as well in the days when I was using suzuki mehran, This issue is very common in mehran. Many people say that mehran wheel bearing issue is all due to water, when water goes inside it washes the grease the bearing became dry while some says its because of the mechanic fitted it with a hammer instead of using hydraulic press to press the bearings in the hub but in my experience I think water is not the issue and water cannot go inside bearing and its because one of my wheel didn't faced any issue for more than a year time while I have driven my car in rain and also washed through service each month but one wheel while being it was dry all the time after the mechanic fiited it but still I faced same issue on that wheel, so I think the main thing is the fitting of the bearing properly inside the hub. bearings shouldn't be loose there otherwise after some time the bearing will start noise again. 


    1. buy a new hub from pak suzuki, it cost round about 1000pkr (remember don't buy kabli hub)


    2. buy japanese nache bearings


    3. most imported part is don't remove the side seals from bearings. some mechanics remove it and put there third class grease       there, while bearing have already its enough grease inside sealing.

  it with a hydraulic press so the bearing willl be tightly fitted there, if you do it with a hammer then there are high probability that the bearing will be loosely fitted inside the hub as the hammer cannot apply same force on all sides of the bearing to fit it tightly inside the hub.


    I hope that way your life might be saved through this way as I got success after I did these steps, otherwise try to save your money to get rid of mehran and go for something better.

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